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India is a big producer of feature films but even bigger producer of short films yet short films and their filmmakers are largely unknown. Reason? No proper platform to reach out to the film lovers. This needs to change and Whatashort is that Change.


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We live in age where so much change is going on, this running decade has seen so much more change comparative to any previous decade. Everyone have an opinion about the change they want but lacks in the medium to express it. We at Whatashort believe that the short films are not just an entertainment tool but an instrument for change, an instrument to visually and effectively express the idea of change no matter how small it is. And while you change the world with your short films, whatashort will change the world of short films.

Digital platform and its consumers are growing rapidly. If you’re a short filmmaker, video creator and want to be a part of this change, we want to hear from you. Contact to learn more.

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